Building Smart Hotels

Auluxa Hospitality solutions can be retrofitted into properties during pre-construction or undergoing renovations.

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Guest Room Architecture

The Auluxa Smart Room control system operates on a wireless network , and all devices communicate over ZigBee 2.4GHz.

Lighting Lighting
Curtain Curtains
Climate Climate
Security Security
Kranium Kranium

Customized app

For Hotels that have very specific requirements and guidelines for branding, our team can help create a customized app. For more information contact us at

Hotel Room Services

Guests can send requests to housekeeping for cleaning via Auluxa’s app or our customized controllers.


Contact our team to curate tailored solutions and products for any hospitality project at


Auluxa provides your energy consumption data in one-place, in real-time. Keep track and develop actionable strategies to reduce the consumption.

  • set energy SET ENERGY LIMITS
  • Real time REAL-TIME DATA

Partnerships and Integrations

We work with the services and systems you already use to provide exemplary service to your guests from management applications to door locks, card swipes and mini-bars by integrating with the most trusted brands and over 8,000 third-party products. E-mail us at to discuss the possibility of working together